Who We Are

About Advanced Wellness

Advanced Wellness is a chiropractic and holistic care center where we combine traditional chiropractic techniques with alternative therapies that allow the body to heal without the use of intrusive or toxic procedures. We educate our patients, empowering them with the knowledge to make positive changes that lead to a healthier lifestyle. Finally, we work with each patient to design an individualized wellness plan that resolves the root cause of her or his illness or ailments because, simply put, we care deeply about our patients and their health.

About Dr. Taylor

In practice for over thirty years, Dr. Taylor specializes in holistic and energy health care, applied kinesiology, and cold-laser therapy, among other treatment methods, making him one of approximately 1,500 doctors of chiropractic in the U.S.—and the only chiropractor in Columbus—who offers these types of care.

Dr. Taylor treats more than just symptoms by addressing the underlying causes of your condition, and he addresses the needs of your body as a whole entity through structural, nutritional, and emotional care. With holistic and wellness treatment based on the Six Steps to Wellness, your body can return to a balanced state, giving it the ability to heal.

About Barbara


Barbara and Dr. Taylor will have been married for thirty-two years this December, and throughout that entire time, she has been a vital part of Dr. Taylor's journey in chiropractic and holistic care. The personal touch she and Dr. Taylor provide as a husband-wife team makes Advanced Wellness a particularly welcoming place to focus on improving your health.

Patients have come to love the warmth and kindness that Barbara brings to Advanced Wellness, where she runs the front desk, handles administrative needs, and helps keep appointments running smoothly. Barbara's friendly voice is almost always the one you'll hear when you call our office. She is ready to answer any questions you may have about the care we offer—whether you've been seeing Dr. Taylor for years or you're planning to visit us for the first time.