J.D. Bennett

"He did a good job on me," says J.D. Bennett who has been a patient of Dr. Taylor's for several years. He came to Advanced Wellness with a pinched nerve and back problems, "but it don't bother me now," he says.

Charlotte Carter

"I have a greater sense of wellbeing. I feel more energetic for sure," says Charlotte Carter, who drinks Kangen Water. She has also experienced improved sleep, hair and nail growth, and reductions in her glucose levels.

Karen Culpepper

As a patient of Dr. Taylor's for many years, Karen Culpepper has been treated for multiple conditions, including back and neck problems and even a severe injury—she broke seven ribs and punctured a lung. She says that had it not been for Dr. Taylor, "I know that I would still be in a very bad position today, if not having to have had surgery." 

Brad Donnelly

When Brad Donnelly began seeing Dr. Taylor, he was thirty pounds overweight and was suffering from arthritis in his left shoulder that left him needing pain pills to get through the day. He's now pain-free in his shoulders, and thirty pounds lighter. "I haven't felt this good in years," he says.

Karen Fuller

Skin problems that had bothered Karen Fuller for ten years cleared within two weeks of her first visit with Dr. Taylor. Emotional issues and allergies are among the other challenges she and Dr. Taylor have since worked to resolve. "I have a whole new outlook on life. ... My self-confidence has grown, and I'm just altogether a better person," she says. 

Louise Hall

When Louise Hall was referred to Dr. Taylor's office, she was taking six Aleve pills daily, plus her arthritis medication, but she was still in pain. She had also been diagnosed with fibromyalgia. Through chiropractic care, nutritional supplements, and avoiding foods to which she was found to be intolerant, she reports, "I'm 100% better."

Jodi Hicks

"Dr. Taylor and Barbara are amazing people. You just walk in, and you feel like family immediately," says Jodi Hicks. She had been suffering from psoriasis since she was around thirteen years old, but after one visit with Dr. Taylor, it was completely gone. "I just really sense that there's nothing that we can't address," she adds.

Anita Ledoux

Dr. Taylor helped Anita Ledoux find relief after an auto accident left her in severe pain and unable to cope with everyday activities. She still sees Dr. Taylor on a regular basis, saying, “It makes simple headaches go away. It makes a lot of your fears and anxieties go away. ... I could never thank him enough for how he helps me care and deal with my everyday life."

Gracia Morin

Gracia Morin came to Advanced Wellness with pain and infections throughout her body and suffering from recurrent tonsillitis. "I visited different doctors all over Georgia, and they didn't know what to do with me," she recalls. Within a month of seeing Dr. Taylor, she had seen significant improvements in her health.

Joyce Nelson

When Joyce Nelson first came to Advanced Wellness, she was unable to walk because of a hip injury. "In three visits, he completely removed that pain, and I've never had anything since. ... It's a joy to come in because I know I'm going to feel better when I walk out."

Tina Stephens

Tina Stephens sought care at Advanced Wellness after an auto accident left her with two slipped discs and suffering from pain while walking, as well as dizziness and headaches. "Thanks to Dr. Taylor I can now walk again," she says.

Carter Swift

When Carter Swift first came to Advanced Wellness, he was suffering from complications after double shoulder surgery, including pain and nerve problems, as well as gastrointestinal trouble resulting from the anti-inflammatory medications he was taking. "He's really helped me a great deal," says Carter.

Dale Worsham

"I'm not a new person, but I'm almost a new person. I feel so much better," says Dale Worsham of the care she has received from Dr. Taylor. "I would recommend anybody who needs care—compassionate care—come see Dr. Taylor. He certainly will make your day brighter."