Why Can Healing Take So Long?

Have you ever felt like your body was improving but then you experienced a setback—you got rid of one symptom only to have another surface? Our body's process of healing is a complex process that is sometimes recursive, meaning we go through cycles of feeling well and then of experiencing complications until we emerge with a renewed sense of health. This recursive process of healing is known as "retracing." Sometimes retracing can even mean that healing from physical complications can affect our emotions, and vice versa, because all aspects of our wellbeing are interconnected.

We see this a lot during the course of chiropractic treatment. After an adjustment corrects misalignments in the body, feelings of lightness and happiness can sometimes surface, and a patient begins to laugh. Or, the reverse can also occur: the patient begins to cry, even though they might not feel sad. Some patients externalize or release old toxins or poisons after an adjustment; this may include experiencing a rash or other skin condition, diarrhea, a fever, cough, mucus buildup, or some other “cleansing” reaction. These conditions are usually quite short-lived, but they are signs that the body is healing. 

This week's newsletter can answer many of your questions about retracing. If you feel that you are experiencing retracing, always be sure to speak with Dr. Taylor so that he can help guide you through this aspect of your wellness journey.