What do locks and onions have to do with your health?

What if you took your car to the shop and noticed the mechanic repairing every vehicle in the exact same way? As you're well aware, it wouldn't be very effective. One car might have faulty brakes, while another might just need an oil change. But beyond differences in repairs needed, every car is still different, and a good mechanic knows how to service each individual vehicle based on its unique make, model, the habits and needs of its driver, and so on.

Our bodies are very similar. No two are alike, and no two patients seeing a chiropractor will need the exact same treatment methods, even if they're suffering from the same type of injury. Why? Because our pain levels, lifestyle, and medical history are just a few factors that play into our injuries—and how we heal from them. And in order for treatment to be effective, all of these factors must be taken into account during every single chiropractic adjustment! Ever wondered how that's done? Keep reading below because this week's newsletter will teach you more.