What's Causing Your Jaw Pain?

The temporo-mandibular joint's name may be long, but it refers to a very small part of your body that, despite its size, has been entrusted with a very important task. More commonly known as the TMJ, the temporo-mandibular joint is the one that controls the opening and closing of your jaw, allowing you to eat, yawn, talk, and perform countless other daily activities. Without it, you couldn't even have tried to pronounce temporo-mandibular when you started reading this post! :) 

As the busiest joint in your body, the TMJ moves about 2,000 times a day. It's no wonder then that this little area of the body is one where we're prone to see problems in our patients! Problems with the jaw—known as TMJ syndrome—can lead to many uncomfortable symptoms. Radiating pain in the jaw and surrounding areas, limited movement in the jaw, and headaches are just a few complaints that we see on a regular basis. TMJ can have a variety of causes, from misalignment in the body to emotional stress, but often, non-invasive chiropractic procedures are all it takes to help you start feeling better.

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