Exploring Longevity

Longevity, the length or duration of human lives, is an intriguing topic that has been studied by numerous researchers. Many methods or strategies have been proposed to increase the average human lifespan, but finding concrete evidence of what works and what doesn’t is often challenging. In most cases, living a longer life is a multidimensional achievement, and it involves you avoiding disease and disability, keeping high levels of physical and cognitive function, and staying engaged in social, leisure, and other productive activities. 

Research of parts of the world that have traditionally produced the greatest concentration of centenarians, or people who have lived to age 100, has shown several commonalities:

  • an emphasis on family,
  • regular physical activity,
  • social connectedness, and
  • a healthy diet/lifestyle.

This week's newsletter takes a deeper dive into each of these areas and how you can incorporate them into your life. And remember that we're always here to provide your latest chiropractic adjustment—critical for anyone who wants to stay their healthiest.