Acid or Alkaline?: pH in Your Body

pH levels measure how acidic or alkaline something is—and that includes our bodies. To maintain good health, it is important to understand the pH levels of bodily fluids and how they can affect our wellbeing. If the body becomes too acidic—a condition known as acidosis—bodily functions become weakened. Acidosis is also a root cause of illness and, over the long term, has even been associated with diseases such as diabetes and cancer. Acidosis can also lead to weight gain and premature aging and can corrode arteries, veins, and heart tissue.

To keep the body healthy, it needs to be kept in a balanced state, known as alkalinity. At our office, we have many ways to help you keep your body balanced, including tests to assess your body's pH levels and offering Kangen Water, the purest form of alkaline drinking water, which helps reduce acidosis.

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